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What Guitar Should You Buy?

How to Tune Your Guitar

How to Tune Your Guitar By Ear

How to read chord diagrams

How to read Guitar TAB

How to hold a guitar pick (and choose one)

The 2 EASIEST chords to play on guitar

E and A chords and song 1

Strumming on the beat

What a ‘Capo’ is and how to use it

How to play along to real songs

Fingers hurt? Try this!

How to read song sheets

Chord progressions for Level 1

Recommended songs for Level 1

Practice routine for Level 1

Level 2 01- E A and D and help with changing chords

8th strumming

The Metronome

Improve strumming by Foot Tapping

Easy Power Chords

Easy finger streching

EASY chord progressions for Level 2

Recommended songs to fast track Level 2

Practice Routine for Level 2

How to play A, D and G AND changes

8th Strumming Down and Up variations

The 1 finger E and A chords

Easy Blues/ Rock n Roll Riff

Trick to master ANY Strumming Pattern!

Chord sequences for Level 3

Recommended song for Level 3

The three Minor open chords

Reggae ‘off beat’ strumming

G C and D chords, variations AND help with changing chords

8th all down strumming embellishment’s

The G Major Pentatonic Scale

How To Make Scales Sound Like Melodies

How to change chords more smoothly

The key of G- And What is a ‘Key’ in music?

The most used strumming pattern ever

Play 26 SONGS with 4 CHORDS! Part 1 Tips and tricks and Runthrough

How to play a B7 guitar chord

Blues Shuffle and Swing strumming

Old School 12 bar blues in E

F barre chord (Plus easier options!)

Folk ‘Dylan’ style Strumming

The Major scale- Introduction and first 5 notes

The Major Scale- Full Scale

How to play guitar like Malcolm Young from AC/DC

How to play Power Chords

E Minor Pentatonic Scale in Open Position