Beginner Course

Here you will find my FREE online beginners guitar course. this includes everything you need to be able to master any of the accompanying beginners songs on my site. Lessons include the chords, strumming patterns & practice routines for each level, along with tips & tricks lessons to build your skills and technique.

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  What Guitar Should You Buy?

  How to Tune Your Guitar

  How to Tune Your Guitar By Ear

  How to read chord diagrams

  How to read Guitar TAB

  How to hold a guitar pick (and choose one)

  The 2 EASIEST chords to play on guitar

  E and A chords and song 1

  Strumming on the beat

  What a ‘Capo’ is and how to use it

  How to play along to real songs

  Fingers hurt? Try this!

  How to read song sheets

  Chord progressions for Level 1

  Recommended songs for Level 1

  Practice routine for Level 1

  Level 2 01- E A and D and help with changing chords

  8th strumming

  The Metronome

  Improve strumming by Foot Tapping

  Easy Power Chords

  Easy finger streching

  EASY chord progressions for Level 2

  Recommended songs to fast track Level 2

  Practice Routine for Level 2

  How to play A, D and G AND changes

  8th Strumming Down and Up variations

  The 1 finger E and A chords

  Easy Blues/ Rock n Roll Riff

  Trick to master ANY Strumming Pattern!

  Chord sequences for Level 3

  Recommended song for Level 3

  The three Minor open chords

  Reggae ‘off beat’ strumming

  Easy Sus chords (Dsus2 Dsus4 & Asus2 Asus4)

  G C and D chords, variations AND help with changing chords

  8th all down strumming embellishment’s

  The G Major Pentatonic Scale

  How To Make Scales Sound Like Melodies

  Change Chords Faster on Guitar

  The key of G- And What is a ‘Key’ in music?

  The most used strumming pattern ever

  Play 26 SONGS with 4 CHORDS! Part 1 Tips and tricks and Runthrough

  How to play a B7 guitar chord

  Blues Shuffle and Swing strumming

  Old School 12 bar blues in E

  E7, A7 & D7 chords

  G7 & C7 chords

  F barre chord (Plus easier options!)

  Folk ‘Dylan’ style Strumming

  The Major scale- Introduction and first 5 notes

  The Major Scale – Full Scale