Andy Guitar website and app FAQ's

Download/ premium video FAQs

Where are the videos I have purchased?

Purchases of downloads or premium streaming videos can be found in the dashboard section when you are logged in. 

If the content you have purchased is not in the dashboard, the payment may not have gone through. Contact the tech team here to resolve.

How to download videos to a computer

Download your videos etc to any laptop or computer from the downloads page

How to download videos to mobile or tablet 

Download your videos to any mobile or tablet via the Andy Guitar app.

Do I have to download each video one at a time?

Yes, for the time being, you have to download each video one at a time by clicking the downward arrow to the right each video name. Clicking the video name itself will just stream the video. Downloading a whole course at once may fill the space of some mobile or tablets, so we feel that one video at a time is best for now.

Andy Guitar APP FAQs

How can I download the app?

The app is available now on Google play HERE. Coming very soon to iOS

How do I sync the app to the website?

Use the same email and login details for the app and the website to sync your accounts so you have all of Andy's lessons and any premium courses available for download or streaming on all devices!

General FAQs

Where can I find chord sheets for songs?

No actual songs are included in these videos or eBook because of copyright reasons. Free online song sheets are linked to at the top of most song tutorials pages, just under the title. 

For paperback songbooks, see Andy's recommended songbooks here

Are there any free ebooks or jam tracks?

See Andy's FREE ebooks and jam tracks here

Card payment options VS paypal

You can purchase any of Andy's courses on this website via paypal here

You can purchase all the same courses and products via any card payment on the Andy Guitar app, which is free to download here. This will also unlock the same courses on the website when you use the same log in details on the app and the website.

"Hi Andy, Just wanted to say your course is brilliant!!! I started playing guitar when I was a kid but recently returned to it when my wife bought be a guitar for my 40th birthday in September. I found your course on YouTube and it's great to be able to play along to contemporary songs from oasis and Coldplay already. I've even defaulted to the Noel Gallagher G chord now!!! I will be subscribing but just wanted to thank you your help so far. Good luck to you and Nina in your new place to!" Cheers Simon, Burnley, Lancashire.

Unlock all Andy's premium courses on this website and the Andy Guitar APP here!

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