B2 - 02 E, A & D chord changes

A to D change (most frequent in songs at this level)

Same principal should be used as in Level 1 for the E & A change. Keep your first finger down and just lift off fingers 2 & 3 to change chord!

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If the D chord isn’t ringing out when you change

Don’t keep your 1st finger totally still. Instead, slide it from the middle of the fret on the A to the ‘good’ side of the fret on the D! This is the most common cause of the D chord not sounding good during a song- make sure you slide the 1st finger over!

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 16.17.30

The anchor finger is crucial here. Any chord change you struggle with should be practiced for a minute each practice session. With 3 chord, we also have 3 possible chord changes. They are;

  • E to A (as in Level 1)
  • A to D (new for this level)
  • E to D (the hardest change, but also the least used)