B5 - 02 EASY F Chord (Fmaj7)

We’re learning the F major 7 (Fmaj7 for short) now as an easier alternative to the big bad F barre chord, or other harder ways to play an F. Sometimes the Fmaj7 will be specifically written and should be played.

For now, any song where you see the F chord, you can use this easy F chord until you learn the F barre chord later!

This is easy as it’s really similar to a C chord, which is why I call it an ‘F like a C’ chord!)

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This Fmaj7 doesn’t work all the time, which is why we’ll have to learn the real F chord after this beginner’s course. It can take a few weeks for some people and that’s totally fine- its tough!

Many people avoid songs with an F chord in it because it’s so hard- now you know that this Fmaj7 chord is an option- you’ll be able to take on so many more songs!