10 Day Course - Where to go from here

Thank you for checking out my free 10 Day Starter Course. I am thrilled it has been so popular!

Many people contact me asking where to go after completing the 10 days, so i have made a special video just on this topic, watch below. 

Remember, to have fully completed this 10 day course, you need to have played along with me in the Play Along videos, which are at the bottom of each lesson page.

Where to go from here entirely depends on how playing along to these videos went. However, most people choose to consolidate their skills with the items covered in the latter stages of my Beginners Course. Some suggestions include;

Option 1 - Watch more similar songs and lessons

Level 5 and level 6 of my Beginners Course - watch now

Choose this if you want more similar songs and lessons that follow on perfectly from this course.

You can then progress through my main syllabus for general guitar playing with my Improver and Intermediate Courses, which include lessons and songs in a complete online guitar syllabus. 

Remember - all the song lessons in these sections are free!

Option 2 - You need more help

Beginners Course, levels 2 to 5 - watch now

Chose this if you need more help with the chord changes and strumming patterns covered in the 10 day course, then check out the early levels of my beginners course. If you struggled to play along with the 10 day course, then this option will be best for you

These levels of the beginners Course include songs tutorials and lessons that will bring on your playing in a more gradual way than this intense 10 day course.

Option 3 - go genre specific!

See my courses that go from Beginner to intermediate levels in the Rock, Blues and Fingerpicking genres here

Many people do not want to learn general guitar playing. Instead, they know what they like and they wish to play guitar only in one specific genre.

I believe that people who only like e.g. Blues or Fingerstyle will still make the best progress on guitar by following my main online syllabus from Beginner to intermediate

However, some people just want genre specific lessons, and that is all good. Check out this section if this sounds like you

Thank you once again for checking out my lessons. The feedback I've received from this 10 day course has been amazing. 

I wish you all the best from here in your guitar journey!