Songs that sound the same // Ep. 4 The 50s chord progression

Welcome to episode 4 of my 'Songs that sound the same' series.

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In this video we're checking out what is known as the '50s chord progression' as it became popular in the 50s, but it has been used in every decade in every genre since.

This video uses the chords (more help further down this page!)

  • ​C major
  • A minor
  • F major
  • G major
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    These songs do not actually have the same chords in them, they are all in different keys. But they do sound the same when we transpose the songs into the same key, using the concept of diatonic harmony, chords in a key, which is a concept known as the numbering system or Nashville numbering system

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    Chords featured

    These chords are at a beginner level

    The F chord

    The F chord below is at an improver  to intermediate level, this is why it is orange.

    For more help with this - check out my free lessons on this chord here!

    Complete list of songs from the video!

    Blue Moon

    Heart and soul

    Beyond The Sea


    Millie Small - My Boy Lollipop 1965

    Earth Angel

    Every Bros – All I have to do


    Teenager in love

    Duke of Earl

    Drifters - Up on the roof

    Beatles - Octopus’s Garden

    Happiness is a warm gun

    Beatles – Tell Me Why

    Whitney/ Dolly Parton - I will always love you

    Lonely this Christmas

    Eternal Flame (verses)

    Justin Bieber - Baby

    Stand by Me

    Megan Trainor - Dear future husband

    Olly Murs - Dance with me tonight

    Every breath you take

    Unchained melody – Righteous Brothers

    Everly Brothers - Love Hurts 

    Dion - Run around sue

    Elton John - Crocodile Rock

    Sting - Every breath you take

    Green Day - Jesus of suburbia

    Lady Gaga - A million reasons