Solo Acoustic 12 Bar Blues in E with Lead Licks

The 12 bar blues is a standard chord progression used in thousands of songs in almost every genre. It is a framework that virtually any music can work on top of. it is also a great way for musicians to jam together as it is so standardised it is quick and easy to learn!

The music that I'm playing here is my own arrangement but includes fairly straight forward and often used blues improvisation. It is very similar to songs such as Before You Accuse Me AND Sweet Home Chicago among countless others.

If you scroll down this page, you'll find easier video tutorials showing a simple chord version of the 12 Bar Blues plus help with the blues riff, strumming and some easier blues turnarounds. All of these are the free taster videos from my Beginner Guitar Course, which is available on DVD, book & download NOW! 

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The above arrangement adds a few complexities to the standard acoustic 12 bar blues. If you are brand new to this style, check out the videos below as an introduction to the blues, then come back to the harder tutorial above whenever you're ready!

12 Bare Blues in E - Simple Chord Version

12 Bar Blues in E Chord Sequence

12 Bar Blues in E Chord Sequence

Introduction to the Blues Riff

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Learn the Blues Shuffle Rhythm

Easy Blues Turnarounds

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