Arctic Monkeys - Top 5 riffs

Arctic Monkeys are one of my favourite bands. Since I'm releasing so many tutorials for their best songs at the moment, i thought I'd make a complication of all the riffs so you can take your pick of which you would like to learn!

Keep an eye out for when the new Arctic Monkeys album is released in may 2018, I'll be sure to be doing some tutorials for them too!

‚ÄčTop 5 Arctic Monkeys Riffs - Through the years

1 - Do I Wanna Know? Tutorial link

2 - R U Mine? Tutorial link

3 - Fluorescent Adolescent Tutorial link

If youre learning this one, it's great to listen to the two different guitar parts that make up the intro clearly in the live versions!

4 - Fake Tales Of San Fransisco Tutorial Link

5 - A Certain Romance