Common barre chord CHEATS

Here's all the most common barre chord alternatives, used by the pros as well as beginners!

See full TAB and chord charts further down this page.

Before we get on to the video - don't forget your chord playing basics!

  • ​Keep the elbow of your chord playing hand into your body
  • Barre using the side of your first finger closest to the thumb
  • Keep the 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers right on the tips, curling the finger tips to a 45 degree angle to the fretboard

B minor chord aka Bm (1:40 in the video)

Plus common chord progressions.

F chord (in the video)

F minor chord aka Fm (6:54 in the video)

C minor chord aka Cm (9:15 in the video)

All the chords in the key of E (12:07 in the video)