Level 2 | Andy Guitar

Learn the D major chord, get help with changing chords, learn 8th strumming and many more songs with just E, A and D chords

Simple songs for Level 2

Easy songs with the chords E, A and D that use simple strumming

Harder songs for Level 2

More challenging with harder strumming, but still with the easy chords E, A and D major.

B2 - 01 The D Chord

B2 - 02 E, A & D chord changes

B2 - 03 8ths All Down Strumming

B2 - 04 Easy Power Chords E5, A5 & D5

B2 05 - Easy Finger Stretching for Guitarists

B2 - 06 Essential Songs For Level 2

B2 - 07 Practice Routine for Level 2

B2 - 08 Using A Metronome