Level 5 | Andy Guitar

How to play a full C chord and Fmajor7 Chords. We'll also learn out first scale and the 2nd most common strumming on guitar!

Songs for Level 5

Songs you can play with your level 5 skills!

B5 - 01 The C Chord

B5 - 02 EASY F Chord (Fmaj7)

B5 - 03 2nd Most Common Strumming on Guitar

B5 - 04 Music Theory- What is a 'Key'?

B5 - 05 C major scale - First Scale for Acoustic Guitar

B5 - 06 Essential Songs For Level 5

B5 - 07 Practice Routine for Level 5

B5 - 08 How to Play and Sing at the SAME TIME for Beginners