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Bridge the gap between Beginner and Intermediate with this Improver level.

TEN Songs with Two Chords and ONE Barre Chord

Brand new series where I teach you TEN songs with just TWO chords, but ONE chord in each song is a barre chord!

Improver Songs 1

Tutorials for songs that use only 1 barre chord (typically the F barre chord) with open chords.

Improver Songs 2

Awesome picking songs with single string playing often known as Flat Picking.

Improver Songs 3

Song tutorials featuring power chords and some riff content, typically in the Rock genres.

Improver Songs 4

Song tutorials that feature more strumming of rhythm content, but still with easy chords

Andy's Improver Guitar Course - Introduction

Improver Lesson 01 - F Barre Chord

Improver Lesson 02 - Power Chords (part 1)

Improver Lesson 03 - Power Chords (part 2)

Improver Lesson 04 - E Major Shape Barre Chords

Improver Lesson 05 - E Minor Shape Barre Chords

Improver Lesson 06 - The B Minor Chord

Improver Lesson 07 - Psuedo Barre Chords

Improver Lesson 08 - Advanced Open Chords

Improver Lesson 09 - Hammer Ons in Chord Playing

Improver Lesson 10 - A Shape Barre Chords

Improver Lesson 11 - Funk Style 7th Chords