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Bridge the gap between Beginner and Intermediate with this Improver level. Course now includes interactive TAB that is synced to video! ...

TEN Songs with Two Chords and ONE Barre Chord

Brand new series where I teach you TEN songs with just TWO chords, but ONE chord in each song is a barre chord!

Improver Songs 1

Tutorials for songs that use only 1 barre chord (typically the F barre chord) with open chords.

Improver Songs 2

Awesome picking songs with single string playing often known as Flat Picking.

Improver Songs 3

Song tutorials featuring power chords and some riff content, typically in the Rock genres.

Improver Songs 4

Song tutorials that feature more strumming of rhythm content, but still with easy chords

Andy's Improver Guitar Course - Introduction

Improver Lesson 01 - F Barre Chord

Jam Track 1 - 'F That'

Improver Lesson 02 - Power Chords (part 1)

Jam Track 2 - 'ON/OFF'

Improver Lesson 03 - Power Chords (part 2)

Jam Track 3 - 'Keep Rolling On'

Improver Lesson 04 - E Major Shape Barre Chords

Jam Track 4 - 'All Barre None'

Improver Lesson 05 - E Minor Shape Barre Chords

Jam Track 5 - You Must Be Barremy

Improver Lesson 06 - The B Minor Chord

Jam Track 6 - Don't B Blue

Improver Lesson 07 - Pseudo Barre Chords

Jam Track 7 - Pseudo Song

Improver Lesson 08 - Advanced Open Chords

Jam Track 8 - Campfire Rock

Improver Lesson 09 - Hammer Ons in Chord Playing

Jam Track 9 - Random City In Europe

Improver Lesson 10 - A Shape Barre Chords

Jam Track 10 - I'd Rather be At the Barre

Improver Lesson 11 - Funk Style 7th Chords

Jam Track 11 - The River Nile