B2 05 - Easy Finger Stretching for Guitarists

Some of the chords to come will require a bit more of a stretch in your fingers. Many people find that their fingers are not flexible enough at first. This exercise opens up your fingers and will help when it comes to playing the trickier stuff.

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Easy beginners stretching exercise

*Warning* Please do this exercise slowly. The benefits of this exercise are felt doing it really slowly, and making sure you feel a nice stretch in your hand.

  1. Put your first finger at 5th fret of the thickest string
  2. Place the 2, 3rd and 4th on each fret also on the thickets string, so they are all in a line
  3. To make this a deeper stretch, place your first finger at 4th fret, keeping the others where they are
  4. You can also move your little finger up a fret, which makes this exercise very hard for most beginners
  5. Play each note one at a time, starting with the 1st finger
  6. Repeat this for every string 6 to 1 then 1 to 6, repeat at least twice slowly
  7. Do this slowly every time you pick up your guitar until your hand is very used to this exercise and the stretches feel effortless