Hotel California INTRO - The Eagles (As the record)

Here's how to play my arrangement of 'Hotel California' by the Eagles!

I've taught this to private students many times over the years, and all of them struggled massively with the 'as the record' version. I was therefore going to teach the live version (see the video of Don Felder demoing that further down this page). However, the live version was a bit too simplified and didn't sound like the record to me. So, I came up with this hybrid arrangement, which keeps the pattern as similar as possible throughout- making it MUCH EASIER to learn! Private students love it, so I chose to film this version, hope you like it!

You can view the TAB for free and even download it for $2.99 from this webpage. This TAB and chords/ lyrics sheet was written by me and is 100% accurate to this version (I used it while filming the lesson!). 

This is something I'm trying out. I can understand that paying $2.99 for EVERY chord sheet or TAB would add up over time, so I'm going to keep them free to view online. But for these longer, in depth lessons where people want to download the TAB, this is the only way I can legally do it due to copyright. Let me know what you think of this!

This is a high capo (7th fret). Some strings may not ring out with some cheaper capos. Check out the G7 capo that I use here. This was NOT a paid endorsement, I just think they're excellent. A private student actually bought me one as a present a few years ago and I've used it ever since - 100% recommended! Learn more here.

Here's a comparison video where I show you how I layered my normal guitar with another guitar in Nashville Tuning to create the 12 string effect!

Here's my older tutorial showing an easier arrangement of this song with the capo at 2nd fret- using easier chords and strumming!

Here's a video of Don Felder talking you through how he play the live version!