How to sound like The Edge from U2 ('With Or Without You')

Amp settings and general advice down the bottom of the page! TAB and chords/ lyrics under the video as always.

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'With or Without You' Guitar TAB

'With or Without You' chords & lyrics

Amp settings

I used the below amp settings in garageband to model the tone used by The Edge on 'With or without you'. This simulates a Vox AC30 with little gain, the bass all the way down and presence (high mids) all the way up.

U2 Amp settings 1

The delay time and amount is crucial for this song and others to sound correct. The delay must be set to a 3/16th delay (410ms at 110 bpm) to get the right effect. The number of delays (repeats) is set fairly low, while mix (loudness of delays) should be set high- all the way up in my opinion!

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 12.56.05