How To Work Out Songs By Ear On Guitar - 1 HOUR LIVESTREAM

In this 1 hour video, I'm going to show you my techniques to learning ANY song by ear. I then demo this with suggestions thrown at me live by online learners. 

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This live stream was originally posted to Andy's Facebook page

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Learning to play guitar by ear can be the most important skill any guitarist can learn.

Guitarists who constantly develop this skill tend to be those who never stop stop playing
in their lives and go on to achieve more with their playing (perform solo, play
in bands, jam with other musicians regular). In many ways, being able to play
guitar by ear is the key to being satisfied and happy as a musician!

However, playing by ear is also the most challenging thing to do when you have never
done it before. Most people just cannot see how it can be done. This short
ebook will help show YOU the exact method of how I do it, and what you need to
learn to get better at it!


1 - Choose a song that repeats often

If a song keeps changing, it is MUCH harder to learn. Choose a song with repetitive sections and just 2, 3 or 4 chords. I really recommend choosing quite
middle of the road songs at first, 3 chord strumming songs are best for now. 

I’ll show you where to find songs to work out later in my free ebook, which you can get at the bottom of this page.

2 - Choose a song that is within your ability.     

The fun thing is when working a song out by ear
becomes FASTER than learning by any other method - including chord sheets or
TAB! Don’t make life harder for yourself.

3 - Use headphones when listening to the song

Headphones are always much more immersive than
speakers. You will hear the guitars, bass and all other instruments clearer if
you use headphones. Wearing one headphone on and the other off (DJ style) will
allow you to hear your guitar while you’re playing and to compare to see if
you’re playing correctly.

4 - Understand musical keys

A key tells us the chords that will likely
happen in a song. These chords are derived from the 
major scale of the key you’re are in. Keys in this sense are like cheat
sheets, as if you know the key- you know what chords will likely crop up in a
song! Learn more about keys 

5 - Be able to hear the difference between major and minor

All chords can be divided into two main camps, major or minor. Major chord sound happy, minor chord sound sad. 

If you can’t hear or ‘feel’ the difference between this, you have little chance of progressing further. Learn how to do this here

6 - Understand ‘Cadences’

A more advanced concept than just keys is the
function of each chord in a key. Cadences help us understand and here the
function of chords more clearly. 
Learn about cadences here.

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