Led Zeppelin - Rock and Roll

Here's how to play one of the greatest classic rock songs of all time, Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin!

This song is based on a 12 bar blues pattern and a blues riff in the key of A. To learn more about this riff and a 12 bar blues in A - click here

HELP! A ‘12 bar’ what now?

This is the most common chord sequence in Blues and Rock n Roll songs. It uses all the chords we know so far in a longer sequence, known as a 12 bar blues (Its 12 bars long and used a lot in blues music as well as other genres such as rock and pop.

12 bar blues in A with Easy Blues Riff

To make this as easy as possible, play the riff in E, A and D SEPARATELY FIRST, then follow this as a guide so you know how many of each section to do.

To learn how to play the easy blues riff and a 12 bar blues in A - CLICK HERE (it's free)

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