Lesson 5 - "Can't Stop The Feeling" // 10 Songs in 10 Days for KIDS

Welcome to LESSON 5 of my brand new series called Learn 10 songs in 10 days for KIDS! 

Today, we'll learn how to play the great song 'Can't Stop The Feeling' by Justin Timberlake.

This song has just three chords and uses the same chord progression for every verse AND chorus. We also introduce a PRE-CHORUS section, which in the UK is more commonly known as a BRIDGE

This makes it a little more tricky to play the whole song, but also make it more interesting as a song to listen to. Learning the simple song structure of Verse > Bridge > Chorus is an essential part of learning songs, music and learning to play guitar.

If your guitar is out of tune >> learn how to tune your guitar here


Day 5 - Song structure and 'Can't Stop The Feeling' by Justin Timberlake

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Basic chord progression

This is repeated for the whole song, apart from the Pre-Chorus aka Bridge section, which we just play notes on string 6.

||:C        |C         |F         |Am       :||

Many people will think I'm CRAZY for including a song with the dreaded F chord in this series. But they don't know the easy chords method we've been using so far... so check that out below and in the video above!

Easy chord options

To play these, just strum the thinnest three strings, then move onto learning the full chord options for this song at a later date and only when you are ready!

Full chord options

Feel free to have a go at these chord options, which are the most common way of playing the chords in this song. But only attempt these when you feel you are ready!

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