Hotel California - The Eagles (Beginner Version)

In this guitar lesson, we look at how to play Hotel California by The Eagles. Here I demonstrate the easy(ish) way to play the song with a capo at 2nd fret.

For a printable chord sheet accurate to this video, PLUS TAB and chord for the full 'as the record' version, click here.

This song can be played with a capo at 7th fret with different chords, which sounds more accurate to the record.

Watch Andy's tutorial for the 'as the record' version here

Strumming Pattern (covered in the video at 9:30)

Easier pattern for beginners.

1 8th all down strumming logo

You can also try adding a little up strum as shown. This technically makes it a 16th strumming pattern which is hard! But I’ve found some people can do it at this level, so give it a go!

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 20.02.27