Wake Me Up - Avicii

In this guitar lesson, we look at how to play Wake Me Up by Avicii. This song has the tricky Bm barre chord in it, so I also offer an easier alternative by using a capo at 2nd fret. The strumming is also a challenge, but mainly because of the speed of the song. Take the time to get it right at a slower speed and you'll get it no problem!

No capo version (tricky)

Intro and chorus

|Bm             |G          |D           |D      A       ||


|Bm             |G          |D           |D              ||

OR with capo 2nd fret (easier)

Intro and chorus

|Am             |F          |C           |C      G       ||


|Am             |F          |C           |C              ||


No capo Proper Chords 01:36 (Bm |G |D |A )

Capo 2nd fret Easy Chord sequence 01:54 (|Am |F |C |G)

Verse chord sequence 02:32

Chorus and Intro chord sequence 04:22 (throwing the A in there!)

Strumming pattern for the whole song 05:35

Extra content for this strumming pattern 10:15