Chord progressions for Level 1

Here I will list the chord Progressions you should practice for level 1. These are the essential sequences you should to be able to play before moving on to level 2. Some of these are the same or similar to certain songs at each level of the course, and I’ll name the songs as we go.

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As this is Level 1, we’ll just be going between E and A, but for a different amount of time so you can do any of the songs at this level.

Chord sequence 1 (Similar to ’For What Its Worth’)

Strum an E chord on every beat to a slow count. This should also be done along with Andy in the video above. As with all these chord sequences, repeat this a few times to an even count

Strumming Buffalo Springfeild

Chord sequence 2 (Similar to ‘Silence is Easy’)

Play 2 bars of E and 2 bars of A, strumming on the beat for around 2 minutes

||E                  |E              |A              | A             ||

Chord sequence 3 (Similar to ‘Love Me Do’ and ‘Three is a Magic Number’)

Play 2 beats of E then 2 beats of A on the beat to an even count for around 2 minutes

||E            A                |E              A                ||