Recommended songs for Level 1

Here I list the essential songs from each level so you can fast track the beginner’s course!

The 10 songs at each level are chosen not only because of the chords, but also because of the other skills they allow you to acquire. Most people who learn online just chose the songs from the list they know or like. In private lessons, I suggest songs that the student wouldn’t naturally pick, but after trying them, they like it and they feel the benefit. Here I offer you the same advice so you can fast track through each level easily.

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Recommended songs for Level 1

‘For What Its Worth’ by Buffalo Springfield (Click to open song video in new window)

My absolute beginner’s lesson, so make sure you can do this! Ideally practice this on the beat to the drum loop in lesson 2, or even better the original song itself!

Science is easy by Starsailor

Similar chord sequence to the song above, but here it’s 2 bars of E. This checks that you understand bar and beats, and gives you the option of a higher level strumming pattern!

‘Love Me Do’ by The Beatles

The Beatles have so many songs that are great for beginners, I’ve chosen this one as it’s the same chords as before but to a different timing. This one has quicker changes and an introduction to song structure and the guitar capo- don’t skip this!

If you have an electric guitar and Amp, try either of the U2 ones –Elevation or When Love Comes To Town so you can crank the overdrive!

Now lets make sure your practicing the right things in the next lesson - practice routine for level 1!