Practice routine for Level 1

At the end of each Level, I’ll give you my recommended practice routine. While you can follow this to the letter, it can be better to follow your instincts with songs to keep yourself inspired too. Following my advice will ensure a smooth transitions between levels

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The following routine should last about 20 minutes. If this is your fist week playing guitar I really don’t recommend much more than this or your fingers will HURT. Better to stop after 20 minutes and come back to it the next day than not be able to play for a week! 20 minutes a day is MUCH better than a mammoth 2 hour session once a week

Practice Routine for Level 1 (20 minutes)

  • Chord practice (Strum pick Strum) Build your calluses, get your fingers use to making chord shapes automatically
  • Rhythm practice, stay on 1 chord and practice the 4 down strums, ideally with the drum loop provided in lesson 2
  • Chord sequence’s- See my recommended chord sequences for Level 1
  • Song practice. Take on only 1 or 2 at a time.

Some of this course will appeal more to you than other bits as it covers a broad spectrum. This doesn’t mean get side-tracked- you NEED your practice to be focused and master basic skills you’ll rely on later. So here are your goals for Level 1. But you will know which songs and genres appeal more to you, don’t fight that, just make sure you can do the following at each level

Level 1 goals

  • Be able to play the chords from memory
  • Be able to play E and A in any of the recommended sequences
  • Be able to play 3 songs from the list, and have a go at playing these along to the record