EASY chord progressions for Level 2

Here I will list the chord sequences you should practice for each level. These are the essential sequences you should to be able to play before moving on to the next level. Some of these are the same or similar to certain songs at each level of the course, and I’ll name the songs as we go.

As this is Level 1, we’ll be going between E,  A and D. The sequences will be very similar to REAL SONGS. The 12 bar blues sequence is used in literally HUNDREDS of songs- so is well worth memorizing!

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Chord sequence 1 (Similar to ’Have a nice day’ by the Stereophonics)

||A                 |A                   |D                   |D                   ||


Chord Sequence 2 (Similar to Wherever You Will Go by The Calling)

||A                 |E                    |A                   |D                   ||


Chord sequence 3 (12 bar blues in A- Similar to Johnny Be Goode)    

||A                |A                |A                |A                |

|D                |D                |A                |A                |

|E                |E                |A                |A                ||


12 bar blues in A with Power chords

||A5           |A5              |A5             |A5              |

|D5             |D5             |A5             |A5             |

|E5             |E5              |A5             |A5              ||