The 1 finger E and A chords

Here we learn to play an A chord with just 1 finger, very useful for anyone with larger fingers! The are also great for playing classic rock ‘AC/DC’ style chords. They are also used for playing riffs in any genre as the other fingers are free to play other notes!

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E chord with 1 finger

Emaj 1 finger

N.B. Make sure you’re muting the sing with an ‘X’ with your first finger by lifting it slightly!

A chord with 1 finger


With the A chord- you definitely don’t want to put your finger over the 1st string too or you’ll be playing an A6 which sounds different. You can mute the thinnest E string by lifting your first finger slightly. This is an extension of the A5 power chord we covered at Level 2, but can be used as an alternative to the 3 finger A chord as it sounds the same!