Chord sequences for Level 3

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Here I will list the chord sequences you should practice for level 3. These are the essential sequences you should to be able to play before moving on to the next level. Some of these are the same or similar to certain songs at each level of the course, and I’ll name the songs as we go.

As this is Level 3, we’ll just be going between G, A and D so you can easily progress to any of the songs at this level.

Chord sequence 1

 This entire level is really dedicated to mastering the change between the D chord and G chord, so here’s a chord sequence to work on this change. As always, begin learning this new chord sequence by playing on the beat of even just strumming spreads (just strumming beat 1 of each bar). With this chord sequence, you should THEN try the 8ths down and up strumming!

||D              |D                |G                |G                ||

  Chord Sequence 2

 Try this one nice and slow on the beat first, keeping the timing even. Then try the 8ths all down strumming when possible.

||D              |A                |G                |A                ||

 Chord sequence 3

 There are a few songs at this level with 2 chords per bar. This means the first chord happens on beat 1 and the second chord on beat 3. Again, try it on the beat to a slow count, and then try 8ths all down strumming for this one!

||D           A          |G       A          ||