Recommended song for Level 3

Here I list the essential songs from each level so you can fast track the beginner’s course. The 10 songs at each level are chosen not only because of the chords, but also because of the other skills they allow you to acquire. Most people who learn online just chose the songs from the list they know or like. In private lessons, I suggest songs that the student wouldn’t naturally pick, but after trying them, they like it and they feel the benefit. Here I offer you the same advice so you can fast track through each level easily.

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Sit Down by James

This is the chord sequence for the whole song with a capo at 2nd fret. This song works on most of the changes we need to master in one simple sequence- it’s not easy at first but you’ll get it!

Free Fallin by Tom Petty/ John Mayer (famous cover by John Mayer)

This again works on the D to G change, but a little faster (ok, a lot faster!). This can be considered a riff as it is short and recognisable too.

Highway To Hell by AC/DC

One of the greatest Classic Rock riffs of all time- with the 3 easy chords you already know! Again, it requires a solid D to G chord change.

Here are ALL the songs from this Level. I recommend Song 1, song 3 and song 8 to FAST TRACK this course while still covering all the essential skills to move your playing forward