Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix (Easy chord version)

Jimi Hendrix is considered by many guitarists to be THE BEST GUITARIST EVER. So it's pretty cool we have a song of his that we can play at this level! This song also works through all the major chords we have learned so far in the reverse order (C,G,D,A and E!) In many ways this is an essential test as to if you can move on from Level 5 yet- so not one to be missed!

Click the ‘Chords’ icon above to view the TAB for this riff free online or ‘Songbooks’ to buy the FULL, complete TAB + lyrics + chords in a compilation book.

Hey Joe Chord sheet link

If your more advanced- have a go at the intro and licks with this lesson!

 Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix -Intro Lead line + Licks lesson!