Star Wars - Darth Vader Theme (Imperial March)

Apparently there's a little movie called 'The Last Jedi' out soon, so this weekend we'll be looking at some Star Wars themed guitar tutorials! 

Here's how to play the Darth Vader theme (Imperial March) which is so easy, you can even play it with a Darth Vader mask on.

Get the official Star Wars TAB book (which I used to teach this tutorial) using the amazon links below!

Star Wars TAB book for UK

Star Wars TAB book for rest of the world

Tune down 1/2 a step to be in tune with the official soundtrack recording, shown below!

A MAJOR bit of Fun

If you've ever wondered what impact keys have in music, check out this little video below where the Darth Vader theme has been changed from a minor key to a major key - funny stuff!