Star Wars Theme - John Williams

Here's how to play the main theme from Star Wars on acoustic guitar!

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Get the official Star Wars TAB book (which I used to teach this tutorial) using the amazon links below!

Star Wars TAB book for UK

Star Wars TAB book for rest of the world 

Capo 3rd to put it in the same key as the movie soundtrack recording below!

How the Star Wars theme was composed

I'm a massive geek on film music. Here's a bit of trivia.

John Williams heavily ripped off the theme from a film called 'Kings Row' for the score of Star Wars, have a listen to the comparison video below! Gustav Holst 'The Planets' suite was also an influence, but it was also for most soundtracks of movies set in space. End of the day, the scores of John Williams are so memorable and awesome and the films are so good - who cares!