Status Quo - Rockin' All Over The World

Status Quo were my Dads favourite band. My Dad passed away a few years ago at only 62. 

When Rick Parfitt passed away around Christmas, it felt like I lost a little bit more of my Dad. So I'm doing this lesson not only because I love it, but to do my small bit to keep 'The Quo' known for all generations to enjoy!

For a simpler version of this same riff and 'sound', check out my easier lesson on how to play a 12 Bar Blues Rock 'n' Roll style here! 

What can I say; I like it, I like it, I like it! 

Enjoy :)

My apologies for the few discrepancies between the TABs I've linked to and the way I played it. I con fessed that i stoped working from the TAB in front of me and defaulted to the way I've always played it. The TABS are more accurate than my video FYI!

See a short extract of my lesson below, which is about how the solo lead lines mix Minor Pentatonic and Major Pentatonic Scales, very useful if you want to get into improvising!

How it's really done ;)

Anyone wondering about 'the chord' that he plays in this song during the chorus sections, check out this video to see just how Rick played it!