Strumming Introduction

View a low res version of the Strumming family tree PDF

Hi res version available on with the purchase of the full Strumming Course here

In this course, I show you more than just downs and ups. I everything from how to hold your guitar properly, to building your technique and intution towards been able to instinctively know what strumming pattern to use whenever you learn a new song! The video course includes the strumming to use every time you first learn a song, and will then focus on 8th strumming patterns of different tempos (something MOST strumming courses neglect!). It also covers the signature strumming patterns of Folk music, Country, Pop, Rock and Blues.

There are 19 patterns including 5 that are only available when the course is download as a whole. There is a PDF eBook to accompany this whole course, which you can either print or view on your computer.

View a low res version of the Strumming family tree PDF


The Andy Guitar Strumming Course DVD quality download

19 strumming patterns to take you from total beginner to playing every common strumming pattern in all genres!

Buying this course means you can watch it without buffering, adverts AND get the eBook that accompanies this HD quality download to watch on your computer (smaller download files available for mobiles and tablets)

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