Andy's Beginners Course - DVD

Get my complete and best selling beginner course delivered to your door on a handy DVD.
Begin your journey, as we unlock your guitar playing dreams!

  • Includes exclusive content not available anywhere else.
  • Learn with 63 video lessons, and crucial bonus material only available in this package.
  • These extra materials are not and never will be available on YouTube!
  • Full HD 720P quality video for you to keep forever.
  • Handy DVD to carry wherever you need - 3 Discs with over 7 hours of footage.
  • Mailed direct to your door.
  • View full details of the course here.

Andy's Beginner Course - Physical DVD £29.99 ($39.49 approx.)

Andy's Beginner Course - Physical Book £15.99 ($20.99 approx.)

Andy's Beginner Course - DVD & Book BUNDLE £39.99 ($52.59 approx.)