Andy's Guitar Picks

Andy Guitar branded picks in the three most common thicknesses. Picks are genuine Fender picks that have been branded with the Andy Guitar logo.

Sizes available (only available in packs of 5)

  • ​0.43mm Thin (light gauge) - ideally for beginners that are new to strumming
  • 0.73mm Medium - suitable for everything 
  • 1mm Thick (Heavy Gauge) - Some people find these better for single note lead playing, particularly on electric

Pack of 5 - £2.99

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UK orders take 1-3 working days. European orders take 3-5 working days. Orders to the USA, Canada and the rest of the world take 5-7 working days. 

5 Andy Guitar Picks ​- 0.43mm Thin

Price: £2.99 ($4 APPROX)

5 Andy Guitar Picks ​- 0.71mm Medium

Price: £2.99 ($4 APPROX)

5 Andy Guitar Picks ​- 1mm Heavy

Price: £2.99 ($4 APPROX)