Andy's Fingerstyle Course

Andy's Fingerstyle Course

Get my brand NEW Fingerstyle Course! This course begins at a beginner level by clearly demonstrating the basics of fingerstyle guitar, and goes up to a full Intermediate level!

Also includes 7 fingerstyle song tutorials! TAB for these is only available in the Fingerstyle book. 

This course is divided into three parts;​

Part 1 - The Basics - all the techniques and theory you need to know

Part 2 - Essential Fingerstyle Patterns. 

Part 3 - Fingerstyle Pieces for Solo Guitar.  

If you’ve completed my Beginner Guitar Course, this is the perfect resource to take your fingerstyle playing to a full intermediate level. You can then go on to master 100s of fingerstyle songs from my website and beyond!


Same content is available on download + streaming version.

Price: £24.99 ($31 USD approx.)