Andy's Improver Course SPECIAL OFFER

This is the follow on from Andy's popular Beginner Course to download or stream direct from this website!

Specific topics covered include this course include;

  • F barre chord and the B minor barre chord - plus how to change between these and open chords
  • All major, minor and dominant 7th barre chords – split up so it doesn’t become over whelming!
  • How to play open chord shapes higher up the neck
  • Introduction to 16th strumming, hammer on’s, slide techniques, music theory & lead guitar!

Instant lifetime access - watch anywhere on multiple devices

When you buy this course, you get streaming access on the web, tablets and mobile devices PLUS an offline, downloadable version from this website and on the Andy Guitar APP. 

N.B. This course includes no commercial song tutorials or chord sheets. Just lessons, exercises, jam tracks (original songs created by Andy) and practice routines to enable you to make real progress on guitar. 

Andy's Improver Course Videos Stream + Download

Price: £24.99 ($31 USD approx)

Andy's Improver Course - eBook

Price: £9.99 ($13 USD approx.)