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App on iOS

Hello, Someone knows when the app is available on IOS/IPhone Thanx a lot! Timo

Guitar (equipment)

Hi guys, I guess it would be interesting to make a post about guitars and equipment. Scince Andy provided us with this opportunity to have a chat, I would like to know what guitar you play, and why. Maybe even what you think of it etc. On the interne...

Good Luck Andy

Sorry about your FB account. Your lessons have been a big help so far. I bought your beginner course and some T-shirts. Keep up the good work!

World cup song

Hi everyone, still learning with Andy's tutorials. I decided to do a world cup song the other day for fun. What do you all think? Hope you all enjoy 😂

Newbie here, Hello from Manchester

Hi all, I am at intermediate level and I have been playing and learning on YouTube with Andy’s channel. I currently have a Tiger acoustic and a rare Gibson Epiphone Les Paul in cherry sunburst with tiger stripe running through. (which was a gift fr...

Electric guitar with headphones

I have had my first electric guitar less than a month. I use the amp with headphones so not to upset my neighbour but the problem I am having is I can't then hear my voice when singing. Is there any way round this? I am still learning about the amp a...

Learning These Three Easy Guitar Songs Will Quickly Progress Your Guitar Playing

Before we even start to recommend the best easy guitar songs to learn, we should really define what we mean by an “easy guitar song” as it means different things to a different standard of guitarists. For the purpose of this article, we are looki...

Group chat for Andy's Leeds Guitar Workshops

Welcome to the Brighton student chat area! This is for those currently attending Andy's regular Leeds guitar workshop sessions to keep everyone up to date with what they are working on, get help from Andy, suggest songs and to keep in the loop of any...

What are you practising and where are you from ?

Hi Andy, Hi  Everyone, I'm Tony from Kent, and a regular at Andy's Brighton Workshops. Just wondering what everyone is practising at the moment. I'm currently working on 3 things: 'Wish you were here' solo , 'High and dry' and 'Fall at your feet'. B...

Start Stop

One issue of mine,is that i tent to start a song and get to a tricky bit normally a fast cord change or a barre cord and not finish the whole song. So  I have lots of tunes but cant play them all the way through, I do come back to them and try the b...

Foo Fighters Friday

Perhaps something such as ‘Saint Cecilia’ for this weeks FF Friday, off their 2014 ep. great song, would love to see a lesson for it!

Maintain Chord Shapes In The Air

Hello,   To improve chord changes, several lessons recommend forming the chord shape before pressing down, or for practice, lifting the formed chord off the strings, holding, and then pressing back down.  This has been a big help to me.     On s...

Foo Fighters

Could you do more Foo Fighters?  I’ve got to say they’re definitely my favorite band, and I would love to see some of the hits such as ‘Long Road To Ruin’ and ‘Monkey Wrench’ It would really mean a lot!

Strings and string noise/ screech!

Here's a message from a student and my response, hopefully helps some of your guys out!  GrahamHi Andy, I really enjoy the lessons. I am still very much a beginner, still at the guitar tormenting stage. As I have hands very much modeled on bunches o...

Questions, suggestions and all things Brighton!

Welcome to the Brighton student chat area! This is for those currently attending Andy's regular Brighton guitar workshop sessions to keep everyone up to date with what they are working on, get help from Andy, suggest songs and to keep in the loop of ...

Are Guitar Stores Intimidating?

Let’s talk about guitar stores. Guitar stores are wonderful place right? Where else are you going to find your new favourite guitar or pedal? Where else can you find so many awesome amplifiers and plug in and play? But...

Total Beginner looking at chord sheets

I'm still at the absolute beginner stage, although I'm getting on well with Level2 lessons, I'm still on Level1 songs. I was struggling with U2's When Love Comes To Town, so I stepped back to Love Me Do. In the video, at about 7:04 you say the chor...

1 year on

Hi Andy Hi everyone. It's now been a year and a week since I started learning and still loving it. I've been trying some David Gray and was wondering of you could do a lesson on it? It's only now playing (or trying to) play sail away and this year's ...

Use of capo with harmonica

Thanks for setting up this way of communication, Andy. It's awful how Facebook rules destroyed such a well working community just like that. As I want to combine guitar playing with harmonica (mouth organ), I would like to hear/read/see some general ...

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