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Foo Fighters Friday

Perhaps something such as ‘Saint Cecilia’ for this weeks FF Friday, off their 2014 ep. great song, would love to see a lesson for it!

App on iOS

Hello, Someone knows when the app is available on IOS/IPhone Thanx a lot! Timo

Good Luck Andy

Sorry about your FB account. Your lessons have been a big help so far. I bought your beginner course and some T-shirts. Keep up the good work!


Hi Andy Thanks fir the update about Facebook.  You have held me enormously with your style of teaching.  Will be looking our for your new App and still fok low on YouTube  Cheers Kevin 

Guitar (equipment)

Hi guys, I guess it would be interesting to make a post about guitars and equipment. Scince Andy provided us with this opportunity to have a chat, I would like to know what guitar you play, and why. Maybe even what you think of it etc. On the interne...


Plz Andy post a totorial of West coast by imagine dragons plz broooooo

World cup song

Hi everyone, still learning with Andy's tutorials. I decided to do a world cup song the other day for fun. What do you all think? Hope you all enjoy 😂

Facebook Blues

I'm gutted for you Andy, really sorry to hear about this.  Keep your chin up, every cloud has a silver lining and you are still the best teacher so your flock will follow you. All the very best John

Foo Fighters

Could you do more Foo Fighters?  I’ve got to say they’re definitely my favorite band, and I would love to see some of the hits such as ‘Long Road To Ruin’ and ‘Monkey Wrench’ It would really mean a lot!

Are Guitar Stores Intimidating?

Let’s talk about guitar stores. Guitar stores are wonderful place right? Where else are you going to find your new favourite guitar or pedal? Where else can you find so many awesome amplifiers and plug in and play? But...

Welcome to the new Guitar Talk section!

Let me know in the comments what guitar questions you have! I will then write a few posts around those topics and help out where I can!

My top 10 rock power chord songs

To get this ‘talk’ section started, I thought I’d make a list of my all time top 10 rock power chord songs! I’ll add links to songs that have tutorials by me on this site to