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A place for those learning with Andy's lessons to share their story of learning guitar so far, ask questions, and to get help from Andy and fellow students to help make progress!

Electric guitar with headphones

I have had my first electric guitar less than a month. I use the amp with headphones so not to upset my neighbour but the problem I am having is I can't then hear my voice when singing. Is there any way round this? I am still learning about the amp a...

hi Andy and all

Hi andy first let me say how disgusted i am in FB but this talk section and the new app you have coming out is fantastic if it wasn't for you i would have stopped learning guitar months ago, 

1 year on

Hi Andy Hi everyone. It's now been a year and a week since I started learning and still loving it. I've been trying some David Gray and was wondering of you could do a lesson on it? It's only now playing (or trying to) play sail away and this year's ...

What are you practising and where are you from ?

Hi Andy, Hi  Everyone, I'm Tony from Kent, and a regular at Andy's Brighton Workshops. Just wondering what everyone is practising at the moment. I'm currently working on 3 things: 'Wish you were here' solo , 'High and dry' and 'Fall at your feet'. B...