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Posted by Joren on 8th May 2018

Hi guys,

I guess it would be interesting to make a post about guitars and equipment. Scince Andy provided us with this opportunity to have a chat, I would like to know what guitar you play, and why. Maybe even what you think of it etc. On the internet the discussion rages on what is good/bad about certain guitars and even brands without having played that certain guitar.. So try to give it an honest view! ;) 

Me for example bought an epiphone electric starter pack -the one that I found out Andy recommends on his site- and a year later a line6 amp. I start working next month and looking to buy a new guitar in about 3-4 months, so another reason why I started this post. 

Kind regards,


By Joren

By Andy on 8th May 2018 at 08:40

Hey Joren! First of all, see ALL my recommended guitars and gear that I have used over the years and recommend here

I talk about electric guitar gear in depth for 30 minutes here

And finally, see the reviews of my main acoustic guitars here tp get a feel for what i look for in guitars AND ALSO