Improve Picking Accuracy

Posted by Matt on 8th May 2019

Hi Andy,

  I have done your Improver course and am now working through your Intermediate course.  Both have been very helpful to me.  Thank you!

  I'm writing to ask if you have any recommended exercises or courses for improving picking accuracy.  The lessons in the Intermediate course helped me with this a lot already.  I'm looking to improve my accuracy though particularly when using patterns that involve skipping strings.  As long as I'm looking at my picking hand, I do okay, but if I try to do such picking patterns without looking (at least enough to get the pattern going), my accuracy is poor.  Without looking, I do okay if I'm only moving up or down one string at a time (like with a scale) and with pick/strum type playing when the root note is moving from string to string.  When a picking pattern involves skipping strings though, unless I'm looking at my picking hand, my accuracy and consistency are not good.  I want to improve this but not for sure what to work on.

  Thanks for any advice or recommendations.


By Matt

By Stacy on 15th June 2019 at 05:10

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