Total Beginner looking at chord sheets

Posted by David on 13th March 2018

I'm still at the absolute beginner stage, although I'm getting on well with Level2 lessons, I'm still on Level1 songs.

I was struggling with U2's When Love Comes To Town, so I stepped back to Love Me Do.

In the video, at about 7:04 you say the chords on the chord sheet line up with the words.  But they don't.

I was expecting something like this

E        E           A      A
Love, love me do
        E     E        A      A
You know I love you
     E   E          A     A
I'll always be true
     AAAA    --------    E  E
So please, love me do
A   A    E           E      A A
Whoa, love me do

But what it gives is

E       E                A      A
     Love, love me do
    E            E           A       A
     You know I love you
      E   E                  A                 A
I'll always be true
      A     A      A     A                        E     E      A   A
           So please, love me do
           E               E      A                    A
    Whoa, love me do

Which is close, but it seems to say for example on the 1st line, the 1st "love" is on the 2nd strum, on the 2nd line, the E is on "You" rather than "know", 3rd line the A is after "true" rather than on it, the 4th line, rather than "please" being sung over all four beats of A it's "So please, love" on 2,3 & 4 and the next E well after "do" not on it....

Am I reading it wrong?  Is it my screen display?  Is the jellynote website display wrong? Is there another online chord sheet you recommend?



By David

By Andy on 13th March 2018 at 16:14

Hi David. This is a great opporunity for me to explain this ‘on mass’

It is illegal for me to share chord sheets on this site. I therefore link to external sites to show you guys the chord sheet appropriate for the video or song.

These exteral sites can change the chord or mess up the formatting without me knowing, which is the case here. The chord sheet in question is slightly wrong.

Until I get a songbook deal (unlikely to happen soon) then I’m just making the best of what I can do. You can either write your own chord sheets in word or on paper with a pen from what I dictatebin the video, or purchase any of my recommended songbooks here

I apologise, but this is the best I can offer at this time without getting sued. All the best. Andy 🎸

By David on 13th March 2018 at 21:14

Thanks Andy, that confirms what I suspected.

If anyone else is in the same situation, I can thoroughly recommend writing out your own chord sheets from Andy's dictation on the videos, this really gets it clear what's happening within a song and when.

Thanks again