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Andy Guitar App

Access your guitar lessons on any android* device.

Download the Andy Guitar App from Google Play!

*For the best experience on iOS devices, please use the website and click 'Add to homescreen' for it to function the same as an app!

Why Download the App?

  • Free to download on all android devices
  • Find ALL Andy's video lessons and courses in one place
  • Syncs with your website account to access Andy's content anywhere
  • Premium lessons include interactive TAB, which you can jam along with!

Why No iOS app?

We no longer support an official Andy Guitar app on iOS. However, we've made improvements to the Andy Guitar website, It now works the same as an app - but better!

This will provide the exact same experience as an app on mobile or iPad! This also gives you the bonus features such as user dashboard and progress tracking, making it a far better experience than our original iOS app. Give it a try!

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