Beginner Guitar Lessons

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Beginner Guitar Course

Andy's course for absolute beginners has helped thousands of people get started on guitar

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Learn Songs on Guitar by Popular Artists

Browse a huge catalogue of video lessons focusing on guitar classics and helpful techniques

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Ukulele Lessons?

Not just guitar! Why not try Andy’s Online Ukulele Course

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About Andy

Andy has helped thousands of people learn guitar, find out what drives him here

What our students say

When my grandchildren ask me about what I did during the pandemic, I'm going to tell them about how I got stuck at my parents' house learning something I always wanted... music. I can't thank Andy enough!

Diana Valeria

I first picked up the guitar just over 6 months ago and have been learning completely through Andy's videos on his app. It's great to have so many practice songs with the chords and strumming patterns broken down.

Alex Duell

I could never have dreamed that in a short space of time I would actually be playing along with some of my favourite songs, but I am and I’m loving it, It's so much easier to learn chords while having fun learning songs, I'm hooked! Thanks Andy

Sarah Patchett

I am loving your courses and practising so much more now, my improvement is apparent already. Well done and thank you again!

John Blencowe

Andy’s emphasis on learning to play along to real songs and have fun as quickly as possible taught me to make the most of everything I learnt and gave me the confidence to play in public and even to start writing and recording my own songs!

Jo Greenwood

The website with the dashboard facility is brilliant! It has allowed me to keep a close tab on my lessons and practice plans. Keep up the excellent work Andy and team!

Anuradha Ayyar

I can't even begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed my lessons with Andy Guitar. I considered myself too old to learn, and you have proven me wrong.

Annette Pedersen

Really enjoying the way Andy teaches, and my enthusiasm builds everyday as I feel and hear myself getting better all the time.

Peter Howard

We had a wonderful time learning how to play the ukulele with Andy! My 11-year old son has gone from beginner to awesome in a short amount of time and I have been learning to play as well.

J.T. Lemon

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Beginner Guitar Lessons

Get started on your guitar journey today

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