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Check out my range of signature products

Signature Products

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  • Guitar, Ukulele, Capo
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Ready To Start Rocking?

My guitar and ukulele are the perfect instruments for beginners. Great quality at an even greater price!

Andy's Signature Acoustic Guitar

Brunswick AGF200, Andy's signature entry level acoustic guitar

Andy's Seal of Approval

Simply Beautiful

Quality Assured

Andy's Guitar Concert Ukulele

Brunswick AGCU200, Andy's signature ukulele

Quality Assured

Bundle bonuses!

Inherited Beauty

Andy Guitar Signature Capo

Capos enable beginners to play 1000s more songs than they would be able to otherwise

No Fuss


Play Like a Pro


I really love the guitar, great sound and much easier to play those bar chords for my small hands now! I'm excited to learn much more with your tuition.

Sarah Patchett

This Ukulele is a great starter instrument for me and it is so great to play!


I was lucky enough to get one of your Brunswick ukuleles for Xmas. I'm having great fun with it and your song tutorials!

Ian Wareing

Signature Products

Check out my range of signature products

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