10 Day Songs Challenge for KIDS

Andy's ten day quick start program optimised for kids, teens and total beginners.

What makes this course unique?

  • Features many chords that can be played with ONE or two fingers only (ideal for small hands)
  • Features newer songs from around the last 10 years by modern artists
  • No capo needed!

About this course

After the popularity of my original 10 songs in 10 days course I had a lot of requests to make a similar course but that was more suitable for children.

When I was 8 years old, my older brother showed me how to play the C major chord, and I REALLY struggled. I got lots in school guitar lessons and everything I learned just put me off from wanting to do it. It wasn't until i was 13 and my hands were big enough to play open chords easier that I got the buzz for learning and playing guitar. 

So, I put these ideas together and came up with the concept of this course! I think it will appeal to all beginners, kids and adults alike. I want kids to be able to learn from it without feeling talked down to or patronised. 

EVERYBODY who plays guitar as an adult wishes they had started earlier.


Included in this course

15 HD video lessons

Let Andy guide you through 15 songs on guitar, from learning chords and tips to start playing straight away!

Easy Chords and Diagrams

All songs can be played with one and two fingers only!

Get Bonus videos

5 extra songs to super charge your learning