10 Day Lead Guitar Bootcamp

A free daily challenge for electric lead guitar!

Learn in minutes - not years!

  • 100% free daily challenge videos
  • Learn a new skill and simple solo each day
  • Improve your technique, speed and fretboard knowledge
  • Jam along with Andy with step-by-step guidance
  • No previous experience playing lead required

About this course

This series focuses on getting started with lead guitar on electric guitar. Each lesson will introduce a new technique and teach a simple solo from a song that uses this technique. Each lesson is designed to follow on from that last as a total introduction to playing lead guitar!

What our students say

Thanks for this challenge! I love how there was a different skill to learn in each lesson. clever choice of songs. And thanks for teaching me how to use my Katana too!

Sonii J

Enjoyed this! Great 10 day challenge. Day 7 I couldn't get but I shall persevere :D

Shay M