14 Day Late Beginner Bootcamp

An exclusive 14 day program for late stage beginners with a focus on playing along to audio jam tracks and full songs.

Breakout from the beginner stage

  • 100% exclusive content not available anywhere else
  • On screen chords and fretboard icons
  • Downloadable audio jam tracks
  • Available to andyguitar.co.uk members only

About this course

Welcome to this 14 day bootcamp for late stage beginner acoustic guitar!

This series is also appropriate for late stage beginners wanting to consolidate their skills. If you want to breakout from the beginner stages and start playing at an intermediate level while having fun along the way - this program is for you!

Here we will learn a new skill each day then jam along to an audio backing track with encouragement and training from Andy to use that skill in a real musical context.

This series is not a replacement of my full Beginner Course. It is instead a perfect consolidation of all the essential beginner skills with a focus on training you to play full songs and jamming along to real music.


Included in this course

Learn a new skill each day

From warm ups and chords to riffs and improvised lead lines, learn a new skill each day with Andy's daily bootcamp

On screen help at every step

Never miss a beat with on screen chord diagrams and interactive tab throughout.

Jam along with confidence!

Demonstrate your new guitar skills by jamming along with Andy to visual jam tracks with on screen tab so you never miss a beat!
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