Learn Home Recording With Garageband

Learn the principles of home recording with Garageband, Andy's recommended recording software.

Learn how to make your songs into tracks!

  • In-depth knowledge of the recording process 
  • Experience of recording or use of software not essential 
  • Technology, creative ideas, and common instrument types all covered 
  • Learn techniques and tricks of the trade used in professional situations
  • Includes lots of extra recommended material to assist recordings

About this course

Learn the principles of recording guitars, vocals and using virtual studio instruments with Garageband, Andy's recommended recording software.

Included in this course

20 crystal clear videos

Let Andy guide you through all essential recording techniques so you can begin ‘laying down’ tracks straight away!

Easy to follow instructions and advice for each video

Detailed write ups of all lessons and extra content for in-depth and easy learning.

Track your progress

Set goals, automatically pickup from where you left off and know what to practice next with our personalised learning platform.