10 Day Total Beginner Bootcamp

An exclusive 10 day program for total beginners with a focus on playing along to audio jam tracks and full songs.

Start fresh or get back on it!

  • 100% exclusive content not available anywhere else
  • Learn a new song every day!
  • On screen chords and fretboard icons
  • 10 Downloadable audio jam tracks
  • Available to Access All Areas members only

About this course

Welcome to this 10 day bootcamp for absolute beginner acoustic guitar!

This series is also appropriate for total beginners wanting to kick start their progress, or for anyone that has time away from playing guitar. If you want to make a fresh start with a new beginner focused program - this is it!

Here we will learn a new skill each day then jam along to an audio backing track with encouragement and training from Andy to use that skill in a real musical context.

This series is not a replacement of my full Beginner Course. It is instead a perfect accompaniment with a greater focus on training you to play full songs and jamming along to real music.

Start afresh or get back on it!

Whether you're a total beginner or want to get back playing again, this brand new 10 day program is the perfect launchpad for getting back on it and regaining a love for playing!

This course is exclusive to AAA members only and is not available as a one of purchase.

Included in this course

Learn a new skill each day

From chords to strumming patterns and even lead riffs, learn an achievable new skill each day!

On screen help at every step

Never miss a beat with on screen chord diagrams and light up fretboard icons.

Jam along with confidence!

Play a new song each day along with Andy, then download the audio jam tracks to practice along to at your convenience!

What our students say

I've learned a new technique to strum the guitar with a pick correctly, which if I'm honest is effortless. I also enjoyed learning my first riff. Thank you, Andy.


Don’t look any further, this 10-day course is all you need to have a solid well-constructed start! I’m amazed about how many new things I’ve learned just in day-One!


Details like exactly how to hold the pick, and how to place the first finger are so helpful. Playing a simple lead line to a count over the backing track really works.


Nice start, I have been playing for few years but going back to basics for the New Year. Love Andy's energy and structure.